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jetbrains 2017-09-04 01:18

1.exactly how/when can a legion qualify for a legion league?

2.How do u win a league match ?

 I have noticed that it is a draw even when we hv killed a few of the opponents

SImilarly also a draw when we have been killed many times.

Obviouly we are doing something wrong . Can u please explain the mechanics? 

Thanks for your time

1Blondie 2017-09-08 14:06

1. You qualify if at the end of the month you are top3 in your server (or merged servers) and if you are at least level 6.

We need 9 qualified legions and at the moment we have 7, that's why there wasn't a legion league in August and September.

2. Killing your enemies until their revive count goes to 0 you win. If the enemy has even 1 revive available you draw. If YOU revive count goes to 0 you lose.

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