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kremvah 2017-08-30 05:07

talent chips say that you can get them from deadly island but i have never received one .  others have told me they get on every Monday with their exploit rewards.  i am lord of deadly island so wondering why i have never received one.  

kremvah 2017-08-30 05:09

sorry i dont know why it put it up three time

Kruszylo 2017-08-31 11:41

Hi kremvah,

Could you please send me some screenshots of reward in deadly island to check the fact, if what you said was right, we will send you compensation, so it will be helpful if you send your nickname that you have in the game Biowar 2 and the server, tech team will check your account. 

1Blondie 2017-09-08 13:55

You get Talent Chips only if you are in the top 3 positions of Evacuation (Escape, Battle Royal) at the end of each week. 10 for the 1st, 6 for the 2nd and 4 for the 3rd. You need 10 Talent Chips to make 1 Talent Point. Deadly Island and Legion battle do not give Talent Chips, it's a mistake in the description.

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