Sniper's Skill ( Fast Kill ) ID: 29922498
Sniper's Skill ( Fast Kill )
JaYHawK 2017-07-27 02:59


I just got Light Overmind and noticed that his penetration isn't 100% cast. Can you please check?

Here are some screenshots to make it clear.

It is the main talents of all classes that you can see from the left side and from the right is the Light Overmind's self talent. As you can see it both gives 50% penetration.

Kruszylo 2017-07-31 17:37
Dear Bryan Jay,

We have passed your question to tech team and here is the answer. Penetration can only be triggered in fast kill and since there is a total 50% to activate fast kill and 50% chance to trigger armor penetration in the second shot of fast kill, so it is 50%*50%=25% probability to trigger penetration.
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