Legion Base: “What, How and Why” ID: 29423268
Legion Base: “What, How and Why”
Alexa 2017-07-23 13:37

Legion is not only your own circle of friendly folks, it’s also a source of honor points, lots of silver, military exploit, gold and stuffs that are vital to upgrade your zippo and vehicle.

Possibility to join or create your own legion opens when you reach Omaha Exurb (28).


Before creating a legion, think twice, maybe it's better to join other legion as it's more fun when there are many active people! You can leave your legion anytime, just click on "Quit" in the right hand upper corner. Be careful, there is 24 hours cool down. When the time is over, you can join or create another legion;

When you decide to leave your legion for some reason, your achievements such as own contribution will be cleared out. However, Skill Enhance INJ will be with you wherever you go. In case your next legion hasn't reached level 8 yet or didn't unlock any attribute of this feature, your injected Skill Enhance won't be available. Once your new legion will unlock it, the Skill Enhance INJ will appear again.


There are 5 ranks available:

·       Member;

·       Officer;

·       Chief of Staff;

·       Vice Commander aka Deputy Legion Chief;

·       Commander aka Legion Chief.

Alexa 2017-07-23 20:47

* Top Killer

Member and Officer are technically the same. They can’t do much in the legion but being there. The only good part of such difference is that you can promote (if you are chief of staff or higher) to an officer those members who are active, so that you will see who might be back after a long absence and who will never log in again. Maximum number of officers is 5.

Chief of Staff is the one who can accept people that apply to your legion. He can demote lower ranks than him and he can promote members to officers. Chief of Staff can dismiss members or officers too. Maximum number of chiefs of staff is 3.

Vice Commander and Legion Chief their panel of functions is the same. They can promote and demote everyone. Obviously Vice Commander is not able to demote or dismiss his leader. They can send the recruit advertisement into world chat, they can summon legion bosses. In addition, they can sign up for legion events, too. Keep in mind that only Legion Chief can unlock the Legion Skill at level 8 of a legion and Warship Build at level 7. So, don’t be afraid to poke your leader if he is slacking too much.

Top Killer aka First Aid is a special rank that appears as a statue. The person who has this rank is able to summon 2 legion bosses Destroyer and Dark Butcher that require worship and gold. Top Killer can be only a member with the highest Battle Power.

Important: If Legion Chief is not online for 3 days, a function of banishment will be available. 

Alexa 2017-07-23 21:23

Everyone in legion can vote to expel their missing leader. If there is a Vice Commander, he will be chosen, if there is no Vice Commander then a random Officer will take ones’ place, if there is no Officer, then a random Member will be the one. 


When you enter your legion base for the first time every day, a message about worship is jumping out. Worship is a very important part of legions’ life. Click on a statue and choose the number of points you want to give away. Be careful, the higher is the number, the higher is the price.

Important: When Commander is being changed or First Aid is being promoted to Deputy, worship points will be reset. Use points before promoting or demoting your members.

Legion Secretary & Crystal Trader

There is no legion event George Marshall doesn’t know. Click on him if you want more details. 

. He has 2 options: Legion Event and Legion Skill. Legion Skill feature opens at level 8 of your legion.

Crystal Trader Alice appears when you reach a certain level with your hero. It is possible to buy crystals that are useful for your formation. 1 crystal costs 20.000 silver.  Haggle is not possible.


More detailed information in upcoming guides! Don’t miss them out! Look for them on our forums.

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