Resources Scramble: “What, How and Why” ID: 28498506
Resources Scramble: “What, How and Why”
Alexa 2017-07-16 18:21

Resources Scramble is next legion event available for legions that reached level 4, 5 and 6. 

This event is a source of Vehicle Drawings, Zippo Cores and Refitment Parts. 

Res Scramble Schedule:

Monday: 19:00

Friday: 19:00

Sign Up Time:

Unlike Legion Battle, sign up for Res Scramble is available until the very last second before the event begins.


Alexa 2017-07-16 18:50

What are the requirements?

Only Top 20 legions by level can sign up for Res Scramble. The limit for each map is 5 legions.

Legions that reached level 4 can sign up for Romania map – the source of Vehicle Drawings;

·       Legions that reached level 5 can sign up for Germany map – the source of Zippo Cores;

·       Legions that reached level 6 can sign up for Norway map – the source of Refitment Parts.

Only Commander and Vice Commander can sign up their legions for the event.

How to roll

Each Res Scramble battle lasts 10 mins or until all minions or players will be wiped out.

Entrance is carried out according to the sign-up sequence.

When event starts, legion members of 1st signed up legion have around 40 seconds to enter the instance.


Alexa 2017-07-16 19:35

If none hits the door in time, that legion will be expelled and no longer be a participant of the event. In this case, 2nd signed up legion will have to wait 10 mins for their turn. It means, if there are 5 signed up legions. The 5th legion will be able to enter the instance after 50~ mins of the official start of the event.

First legion that successfully enters the instance before 40 seconds run out, have to defeat all the sentries that are protecting a refinery. 

Don’t miss a single squad of protectors. In every small room, there are 2 squads of sentries.

If there are no more signed up legions, the event for your legion is over and you are becoming the protector of a particular refinery.

If there are more registered legions left - you will have to fight for the territory.

Next battle will occur between a legion that defeated all the squads and a legion that is next in line. 

If someone from these two legions won’t show up in first 40 second, the victory will be claimed to a legion whose members are inside.

Alexa 2017-07-16 20:16

both sides are available, they have to defeat each other in order to claim their territory.

The battle lasts when there is only 1 legion remained. 


Depending on a map as it was mentioned above, you will have a chance to claim your particular resources with a huge discount: 255 pieces for 51 gold.

Win in Res Scramble gifts you 1500 Legion Wealth and some honor if enemies did fell from your gun.

Lose in Res Scramble gifts you 750 Legion Wealth and some honor as well if necessary requirements have been accomplished.


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