“What, how and why”: Own Base ID: 27569796
“What, how and why”: Own Base
Alexa 2017-07-09 21:22

Own base, it is the source of AP, gold, crystals that are enhancing your formation and the possibility to find out what friend of yours is the most in love with you.

()Opening of your Own Base occurs immediately after you evict all hostilities from Viesville Suburb (11) and equip your own nest, presumable on the bodies of your slain enemies. 

Access to your own base is open at any time of day and night. You can find it in your middle upper part of your screen, among other features of the game:

There are many things that catch the eye: four bases, friend list, help and base log.


Alexa 2017-07-16 16:04

Let’s check out our Buddy List under number 1: on the left side we can see our friend list as we would like it to see ☆⌒(ゝ。∂), and on the right side there are hearts, numbers and icons.

Hearts  mean your intimacy, digits that are next to hearts, show the level of intimacy between you and your friends. To increase the level of intimacy, you must analyze intel of your buddies. In order to do so, click on your friend's name and visit their base.There you will see Office of Intelligence and a scroll in the middle, which is under number 2 in the screenshot.

The more your friends are gathering your intel the faster your base grows and increases its level. In addition, with the level of your base, the possible reward increases with the passage of the two dungeons under the numbers 4 and 5, of which we will talk a little later. You can analyze only 1 intel for 15 of your friends, and your own intel 3 times.

Returning to our Lily ... besides intimacy there is one more icon for which is worth visiting your base on a daily basis – it is AP. It is a small blue icon on the right side of your friend list. By clicking on it, you send 5 AP to your friend, which allow them to send you the same in return.You can give 5 AP only once up to 15 friends. You can get 15 of these cards per day.

Shop under number 3:


Alexa 2017-07-16 17:02

Intimacy shop... no, that is not what you think... Here, you can buy the crystals which are very useful for your characters in your squad. They are being used for enhancing your formation, to be more precise – a particular stat of a hero in your formation. This feature opens at level 85 which gives you enough of time to gather some intimacy from your friends. Intimacy can also be exchanged for Intelligence, which allows you to pass dungeons under numbers 4 and 5 in our screenshot. 

4: Unexpected trouble

This dungeon is being called “Unexpected trouble”. It gives you gold as a reward. The objective is to avoid falling cupboards, grenades and tires for 30 seconds. Try to catch some aid-kits in order to heal yourself and save your 1000 HP. I advise you to not drive into this dungeon in your Gundam and rather get rid of it because it helps you to see better and avoid these falling items as you occupy less space. 

5: Gem Puzzle

You have 90 seconds to collect 3000 points and get your reward. Everyone knows these kinds of puzzles. It will suffice to collect 3 of the same kind in a row (vertically or horizontally) and make them disappear. In this case, 100 points will be counted. If you collected more than 3 at once – it’s combo.


·       To enter instances in your Own Base, x1 Intelligence and 5 AP are required. Amount of entrances is unlimited.

·       To see who of your friends gathered your intel, click on Base Log in your left hand corner, right below the information of your hero.


Alexa 2017-07-16 17:02

By leveling your base rewards are growing in the next way:

·       Level 1-4 gives 1 gold;

·       Level 5-8 gives 2 gold;

·       Level 9 gives 3 gold.

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