On the air heading: “What, How and Why” Scavenger II ID: 27564123
On the air heading: “What, How and Why” Scavenger II
Alexa 2017-07-09 20:22

Scavenger II is one of the legion events for legions that have reached level 3. Scavenger II is an awesome way to raise up your battle power through the rewards you can obtain here. More specifically: Gold, Zippo Core, Vehicle Drawings, Refitment Parts, Honor, Legion Wealth and Own Contribution.

Scavenger II schedule:

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 19:00.

It’s one of the fastest legion events that lasts only 15 or less minutes.

It’s junk bunk

The possible entrances are marked with shiny brown color, that’s where your potential competition might spawn. On the top of it, is the Junk Processor. 

The Junk Processor generates double rewards for the legion that captured it. When you enter the instance, you have 5 minutes to occupy the most convenient position and take care of the Junk Processor.

If you see that you are being overwhelmed or your strategy is not working out well. 

Then, for the next 10 minutes, you can either focus on eliminating the pesky enemies and have the rewards in your nose, being the pesky enemy yourself for your enemies; or concentrate on gathering leftovers, because better something than nothing.


·       Junk Processor can be recaptured during the whole duration of Scavenger II;

·       When there is nothing left to collect, the instance will end prematurely.


When 5 minutes pass, as it was mentioned between the lines, - junk spawns. If you own the Junk Processor, then from each shiny thing on the ground, you will get x6 of Refitment Parts, Vehicle Drawings or Zippo Cores.

The certain resource is not being bound to a particular junk, so, don’t try to hunt a specific junk.

In a scenario when you don’t have Junk Processor painted in color of your legions’ flag, you will receive x3 of resources specified above. 

Following rewards are not being connected with Junk Processor. It doesn’t matter if it’s yours or not:

x1 gold from each junk, legion wealth x100, players’ contribution x100, plus certain amount of honor will be received by you, if you went for killing spree.



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