„What, How and Why”: Deadly Island ID: 27554240
„What, How and Why”: Deadly Island
Alexa 2017-07-09 18:38

Deadly Island is a source of silver, military exploit and character cards. Deadly Island will open once Leca Supply Warehouse (99) will be passed and swept up.

 What is the fee?

There are 3 free chances available per day. By increasing your VIP level, more usable chances come into your hand, this time for a certain amount of gold. 

The price starts from 10 gold and finishes at 100 gold. With each subsequent usage, the amount of gold needed increases by 10. 
By clicking on the VIP icon below your hero’s portrait, you can see the amount of chances given for each type of VIP:

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How does it work?

Green arrows show where you can go. You can start at any place convenient to you, but only up to the island on which you are a single ruler and legislator. 

If you do not have conquered island, you will have to start from the beginning:

Red arrows indicate that the passage of this particular island is necessary in order to move on. 

If you start from the beginning, there is no way back as long as you lose or win, receiving the title of Conqueror of Deadly Island. On the way, bots and other players will stand against you.

Islands that are outlined with red colour can not be conquered and be defended later on. 

On these islands you will always meet bots. Battle power of these soulless creatures begins from 281.980 and ends with 427.380.

Islands circled with yellow colour are being defended by bots with battle power from 571.280 to 1kk+.

Once bots were defeated, you are the mighty lord of this island. You can be the Island Lord of only one island.

If you are trying to conquer an island that is being defended by someone, then, the battle will occur between you and a defender of the island-other player. 

When you conquer an island occupied by other player, you will push him one island back. 

You can’t push away players that occupy lower islands than yours.


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In order to receive the reward from the conquered and protected island, it has to be defended from all enemies attacks for 3 days. 

It does not matter in which day you conquered it.

On the third day you will receive the reward of the island, on which you are the Lord. 

The amount of time left until you get your rewards is being shown in the upper left corner (Deadly Island window) and it’s shared with other players, rather than individually.

With the passage of the islands outlined with red, you will always receive such rewards as 10.000 silver and 100 points of military exploits per island.

With the passage of the islands dedicated to yellow colour, you will always receive 10.000 of silver, and points of military exploit are being given every three days. 

The award can be seen by hovering the mouse on your island. With the defeat or a draw on any of the islands of deadly continent as a reward is given a consolation prize of 5.000 silver.

Note: Apart from silver and military exploit, there is a chance to drop character’s cards from island that are outlined with red colour.

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