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“What, How and Why” Formation Enhance
Alexa 2017-06-24 22:29

“For what do I have these crystals in my inventory?”

Formation enhance will open at level 85 and with the passage of Paris Enemy Camp (171). However, crystals start to occupy slots in our inventories much earlier. So, why do we keep them? 

How to inlay

There are two options to get to enhance window: Tech > Enhance tab or Squad > Formation Enhance

Maximum level of crystal is 12. 

To level up a crystal to a higher level, you will need x6 crystals of the same type.

This rule applies for crystals of level 1 to 11. 

Put x6 crystals of particular attribute, for example skill attack for your firebat hero in your squad and update sign will appear near that crystal. 

Update it in order to increase skill attack power. You will require x8 crystals of level 11 if you want to maximize a crystal from level 11 to level 12.

It is possible to bind crystals to your hero. Click the lock to bind a crystal to your avatar, in this way, when you move your character in your formation window, crystal will follow the hero, otherwise it will remain in the slot it was inlaid.

You can insert only 5 crystals into your formation window.  

Where to get them?

First option is Intimacy Shop in your Own Base. 

To get intimacy points, increase your intimacy level by collecting intel of your friends, the more intel you will collect, the more intimacy you’ll have. 

Second option is Legion Base. Crystal trader Alice will gladly sell you crystals she has of all your desires and shapes. 

Third option is Lucky Spin. Lucky Spin is a good choice to get your crystals, the possibility to drop any level, including maximum one is greatly increases with Lucky Spin.

Fourth option is Top up:

 -      Thanksgiving: 

Hit II (1.000 gold) has HP crystal level 11 as a reward;

Hit III (1.500 gold) – skill attack crystal of level 11;

Hit IV (2.000 gold) has as a reward skill attack and skill defense crystals of maximum level.

-      Top up Rebate:

For total top up of 15.000 gold: HP, Heal and Skill Defense crystals of level 8;

For total top up of 20.000 gold: Gun Attack, Skill Attack, Gun Defense crystals of level 9;

For total top up of 40.000 gold: HP, Heal, Skill Defense crystals of level 10;

For total top up of 80.000 gold: Gun Attack and Skill Attack crystals of level 10.

Fifth and the last one is Legion League

By losing, winning or drawing battles you are getting a lot of random crystals.

At the end of a month, depending on your performance, you will get a huge chest of crystals as well. 

Don't forget to participate in order to maximize your crystals!


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