Military Exploit: “What, How and Why”??? ID: 24697518
Military Exploit: “What, How and Why”???
Alexa 2017-06-18 19:43

Milirary Exploit is needed to increase your military rank. The lowest military rank is CPL and, if you are good enough, you have chance to reach the highest one – GA!

Every rank demands a certain amount of Military Exploit. By reaching military ranks you can recruit new heroes to your squad. Every new hero has his own unique characteristics and 1 Talent point. 

Before recruiting a new hero, be sure that there is a vacant place in your squad, if your formation is full, you won’t be able to recruit a hero.

Also do not forget to undress your old hero. You will need the outfit for a new one!

Keep in mind that starting with SSG rank you may need some silver to recruit a new hero. You can find “the price” of the hero in the description of his characteristics. 

Starting with 2LT level some other requirements can be applied to recruit a new hero!

Alexa 2017-06-18 20:25

Ways to obtain Military Exploit

If you are eager to raise your military rank, you should know the main ways to obtain your  Military Exploit.

There are some of them: Mainline Stages, Red Fort, Deadly Island, Challenge King and Behead Strike. 

Mainlline Stages are the quests which you can see on your map, in its turn, the map is divided to the regions; clearing of the whole region gives you an additional reward.

Some of the quests become available only after completing certain levels.

1.    Clearance of Red Fort also gives you some Military Exploit as a reward.

It might be a bit difficult for those who don’t care much about their battle power.


Alexa 2017-06-18 20:36

So you should better focus on it to be able to clear the stages successfully.

Deadly Island is one more way to obtain Military Exploit, along with big amount of silver.

The more stages you pass, the more you get, starting with 100 Exploit for clearing Nasa Island, up to 14000 Exploit for clearing Cayman Island. 

1.    If you war down one of the biggest islands, Yuri Island, Morgan Island or if you are lucky enough to get Deadly Island, you will obtain 19000- 22000 Exploit.

Alexa 2017-06-24 20:56

Along with Mainline Stages, Red Fort and Deadly Island, there is one more way for obtaining Military Exploit. It is  pretty entertaining epecially for those ones who like competitions between players. 

Here you can choose a foe and challenge him.  Before choosing a char to compete with, have a look at his profile, and measure your odds, comparing your battle power and HP.

You can obtain your reward once a day. But once you are defeated, a winning treak will be reset to zero.

You can reset CD for 10 times a day, by paying with gold. Every new reset will cost more gold for you.


If you terminate a winning streak king, you can get a bigger reward, namely silver and gold!

Besides, according to your ranking you will be getting rewards automaticaly every 3 days. The higher rank you have, the bigger amount of Military Exploit you receive. 

One more source of Military Exploit is Behead. It can be also quite fun for competition lovers. This is an event that occurs at exact hours, several times a day!

Starting with the level 5, you can use auto oplay, paying with gold. All the nuances about participating in Behead are detailed described in one of the other guides.

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