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Alexa 2017-06-18 16:50

Zippo is an element, which can boost attributes for all your heroes, and enormously increase your battle power.There are 10 types of zippo, which you can upgrade by spending zippo cores.You can obtain zippo cores from Mine sweep, Scavenger II, Resources Scramble or purchase in game shop paying with gold. The amount of zippo cores you need to upgrade zippo along with stack limit will gradually increase.Here is the list of needed amount of zippo cores for each zippo. 

Shabby Zippo to Military Zippo- 20 Zippo Cores

Military Zippo to Silver Bullet- 48 Zippo Cores

Silver Bullet to Sea Soul- 84 Zippo Cores

Sea Soul to Ghost- 336 Zippo Cores

Ghost to USA Captain- 762 Zippo Cores

Alexa 2017-06-18 18:15

USA Captain to Green Giant- 3048 Zippo Cores

Green Giant to Louis XIV- 5505 Zippo Cores

Louis XIV to Skyscraper- 10380 Zippo Cores

Skyscraper to Emperor of Darkness- 16880 Zippo Cores

Zippo will block Gun ATK and Skill ATK for your heroes at certain chances, the max block limit and chances is related to the Lvl of zippo. 

Max blocks in a single battle start with 0 for Shabby Zippo, ending with 5 for Dark Lord.

Such features of zippo as Gun ATK, Gun DEF, Skill ATK, Skill DEF, Heal Power and Max HP are supposed to increase too.

There is also one mini game in zippo- BBQ.

Zippo BBQ can increase the volume of HP vial.

There are also some advantages for VIP: higher VIP rank means more BBQ meat types and higher HP vial volume. VIP3 has an opportunity to cook fish meat, VIP5 enables ham, VIP8 enables pork.

 Higher zippo rank and intimacy means more HP recovered by BBQ meat.

When you are cooking meat, you can recover more HP by pressing the arrow keys correctly.

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