Wanted:"What, how and why???" ID: 24580297
Wanted:"What, how and why???"
Alexa 2017-06-17 22:53

"Wanted" event is a a source of Vehicle Drawing, Zippo Core, Refitment Part and Skill Enhance INJ.

There are 5 heroes for being defeated from left to right. Each of them can be summoned only once a day. 

If you lose, you have chance to summon the char once again, by spending one rebirth cross.

Kill chances will be reset at 24:00.

To get the opportunity to strive with them you have to dicrease number of the heroes in your squad.

For summoning Frade, having 5 heroes in your squad are allowded. Once you defeat him, you can obtain Vehicle Drawing along with silver and Exp.

Alexa 2017-06-18 14:15

Then, to summon Chievolle you have to remove one hero from your squad. Once you win, you get Refitment Part, Exp and silver.

To summon the next character named as Kinberg, you are supposed to remove one more hero out of your squad. Once you defeat Kinberg, you receive Zippo Core, Silver and Exp as a reward.

The next heroe's name is Durkin. For now 2 members in your squad are allowded. You can get Skill Enhance INJ, silver and exp, if you strong enough to win.

And for to struggle with the last one, you have to have only one char in your squad formation. Rewards are: bigger amount of Zippo cores, silver and Exp.

You mignt notice that battle power of these bosses are dicreasing from hero to hero, but you have to think carefully when you remove heroes from your squad, choosing the weakest ones, to be able to defeat the boss.

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