On the air heading: "What, how and why" Red Fort ID: 24545399
On the air heading: "What, how and why" Red Fort
Alexa 2017-06-17 16:50

Part I

The ability to enter the instances of Red Fort is opening when you pass La Baquet Suburb (39) in the Carentan War Zone.

At the moment, there are 8 maps available of Red Fort instance: Leicester Fort, Eben-Hermal Fort, Alps Fort, Colditz Fort, Maginot Fort, Hindenburg Fort, Siegfried Fort and Bar Lev Fort. All of these locations do exist in real life world ( I highly suggest you to take a look at some literature about it, very interesting ٩(◕‿◕)۶ ). In this part, we will focus on the first five forts:


With the passage of every fort, every five stages a boss will show up, who far exceeds his soldiers in a combat force, so it is very important to choose the right formation in your squad. Switch them all the time in order to knock down your opponent. Not always a fighting force is a crucial component. In the game, luck has a very important role. Therefore, if you think that the formation is sufficient to kill the boss and there is a small difference in battle power, try until the luck will take up! It is very important not to give up. (*˘˘*)..:*

Reset chances of Red Fort instances are resetting at 24:00 every day. For VIP 3-6 players there is a possibility of another reset but this time for gold, the price is 100 gold.  For players with VIP 7 / 8 there is a possibility of 2 resets, 2nd time will cost 200 gold. For VIP 9 / 10 players total amount of resets are three. 3rd time will cost 400 gold.

 You need to clear Red Fort to enable auto play. Auto play is only available if you unlocked VIP 1.  Autoplay will cost no gold or AP. You need to reach VIP 3 to complete autoplay immediately.  

Leicester Fort

Has 15 troops, you can earn 420.000 of experience and 15 Aptitude Pages.

Battle Power of these troops begins from 31.410 and ends at 77.860 and with the victory over the boss. Nothing special. It is possible to pass during the first day of your game. There are 2-3 heroes in enemy squads, depending on the stage.

Eben-Hermal Fort

This fort has 25 troops, you can earn 1.200.000 of experience and 30 Aptitude Pages.

Battle Power of these troops begins from 200.700 and ends at 680.130. Pretty sharp rise of battle power but still possible to pass!  I advise you to experiment with the placement of your characters in the squad, as well as classes and do not forget about luck! There are 4-5 heroes in enemy squads, depending on the stage. Now each subsequent fort will have 5 mobs in their squad. Get used. ψ(´)ψ

Alps Fort

It has 35 troops, you can earn 2.520.000 of experience and 49 aptitude pages.

Battle Power of these troops begins from 676.500 and ends at 1.516.460.  Alps Fort is a target of 5th day of players’ game. Even VIP players have a tough time to pass this fort.

Colditz Fort

Number of troops is 45; Experience is 4.500.000; Aptitude Pages: 72.

Battle power varies from 1.518.660 to 2.792.800.  You have to arm yourself to the teeth to pass through this fort.

Maginot Fort

Number of troops is 50; Experience: 7.260.000; Aptitude Pages: 99.

Battle power of your opponents begins from 3.001.650 and ends at 5.077.560. Having 4kk of battle power is quite enough to pass if managed to arm your hero and your squad wisely.


·       You can leave any fort of Red Fort instance at any time without losing progress of the game;

·       Red Fort is AP free zone;

·       In addition, after the passage of one of the forts, you can immediately proceed to the passage of another, even if you have already resetted your cooldowns;

·       Red Fort is not only a source of aptitude pages and experience, but also has character cards.

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