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On the air heading: "What, how and why" Everything about gears and weapons Medals
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In game store, there is another essential part of the wardrobe, which is possible to purchase - a medal. There are two types of medals: for your main character and a hero, whom you hire once you reach required rank. For the main character as well as for the heroes, you can choose 4 different medals, depending on what kind of stats your character is based on, since every medal has the advantage of one particular attribute.

Medals for the main character have two kinds of stats. First kind is a changing one. These stats are changing with the craft to a new level. The second kind is a permanent one and these stats are not being affected by raising the level of your medal.

Permanent stats: Gun Attack (2000), Skill Attack (3000), Gun Defense (1000), Skill Defense (1500), Heal Power (1150) and HP (6000). Each medal for a character has the same constant properties irrespective of the level of the medal.

Changing stats: Strike, Concentration, Will and Tenacity. Each medal on the first level has 50 points of all the attributes named above with the exception of one of them, which will have 70 points, depending on medal you want to purchase. When crafting to the 10th (last) level, these properties will be changed to 500 (3 stats from 4) and 1 of them (the fourth) to 700 points.

The cost of one medal for your main character is 20.000 honor points.

Medals for heroes that you hire are much easier to maintain and have only one characteristic of changing attributes: Strike, Concentration, Will or Tenacity. Herewith this property on the ground level will have only 20 points, and on the last 10th level: 200 points. The cost of such a medal is much less, only 200 points of honor.


Craft of medals for the main character, will require Stars of honor, which can also be purchased in the game store for 15 points of honor. For raising medal to the second level, you will need 30 stars of honor and it will cost 450 points. Each followed craft of medal will double the price. For crafting the medal to the maximum level (10th), you will need 15.330 stars of honor, which is equivalent to 229.950 honor points.

Craft of medals for heroes in your squad to the second level will cost 75 points of honor and x5 stars of honor. As in the previous case, with each subsequent level, price will be doubled. For the craft to the maximum level of one star, you will need to buy 2.555 stars of honor and spend 38.325 points of honor.

Note: For medals, there is no such possibility of crafting for gold (,)
P.S. For VIP 5 there is a reward in the shape of two medals for your main character: the Knight's Cross [Lv. 1] and the Order of the Falcon [Lv.1].

P.P.S. The game has a feature that tells what medal is recommended for your main character or hero in your squad. It will suffice to click on the empty slot of a medal in the craft window to see which medal you need for your hero.



each point of strike increases gun attack for your friends by 0,1%


each point of concentration cuts foe’s damage received from gun attack by 0,1%


each point of will increases skill attack in your squad by 0,1%


each point of tenacity cuts foe’s damage received from skill attack by 0,1%

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