“What, How and Why” Skill Enhance INJ ID: 24431998
“What, How and Why” Skill Enhance INJ
Alexa 2017-06-16 20:55

Legion Skill INJ is a prerogative, available for those who are members of a legion. Once a legion will reach level 8, a new feature will come in hand – Legion Skill. In order to use this invention, talk with George Marshall - the one who knows everything about Legion stuff. 

Legion Skill helps with cross server events, such as Battlefield. It is useful for some of the legion events, such as Scavenger II, and finally it boosts some of your squad attributes which makes it easier to win or stall your opponent.  

How to

Only the Legion Commander has access to unlock all legion skills. However, each legion member is responsible to inject their own tree of attributes. It does not apply to everyone in the legion but individually

·       1st circle costs 10.000 of Legion Wealth;

·       2nd circle costs 30.000 of Legion Wealth;

·       3rd circle costs 50.000 of Legion Wealth.

In order to boost first inner circle, you will require x2 Skill Enhance INJ, second will cost x4 Skill Enhance INJ per update and third x8 Skill Enhance INJ with each injection. The attributes will be added randomly with each enhance. It means that the amount of Skill Enhance INJ varies from 2000 to 2200 Injections per line.

Unlocking two circles that will be linked together opens an extra boost. For instance: boosting Dodge and Anti-Crit will open an extra boost of the IV field which is Movement Speed.

Continue unlocking and linking rest of the circle to open extra boosts.

Raised attributes of Legion Skill will not be counted into your Battle Power unlike Conversion or GMO.


Skill Enhance INJ can be obtained from:

·       Wanted;

·       Legion League.

Note: If you decide to leave your previous legion or create your own, you will not lose the progress of your Legion Skill injections. In a scenario where your new legion hasn’t reached the required level or unlocked the circles, you will have to wait until the feature and circles will be opened, only then your attributes will be available for your use again.


There are two types of attributes that are possible to receive by upgrading Legion Skill. First type is available everywhere: Accuracy, Attack Speed, Crit, Anti-Crit, Dodge, Movement Speed. Second type is available only in particular instances: More Zippo BBQ Meat, Faster Battlefield Resources Seize, Faster Scavenger II Collect, Faster Battlefield revive.

Field I:

Accuracy and Attack Speed will unlock More Zippo BBQ Meat. The maximum percentage you can gain from it is 30%.

Field II:

By aligning Attack Speed and Crit you will get Faster Battlefield Resources Seize which is minus 6 seconds at the maximum level.

Field III:

Crit Strike and Anti-Crit give you Faster Scavenger II Collect speed which is minus 6 seconds at the maximum level.

Field IV

Anti-Crit and Dodge grant Movement Speed which is 15% at the maximum level. Movement Speed is available everywhere in game.

Field V:

Dodge and Accuracy reduce Battlefield revive by 10 seconds at the last level.

Such buffs as Accuracy, Evasion, Crit Resistance, Crit and Attack Speed are available everywhere as well.

Short Glossary:

Accuracy breaks through your opponents’ Dodge;

Crit Resistance reduces the chances of being critically hit by your opponents;

Attack Speed determines who is going to attack first.

Maximum for each of these stats is 2.100.

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