ADVANTAGES OF AUTO PLAYING: “What, How and Why”??? ID: 23829198
Alexa 2017-06-11 21:00

You can get auto play cards as a gift from your friends, who check your personal base intel, or obtain them by participating the events.

You can use an auto play to clear Mainline quests

It will help you to level up faster. The duration of auto play depends on intimacy. That’s why you should try to increase your intimacy by checking Intel, sending gifts to secretary etc

You can also use auto play in Behead Strike. But in this case it will cost you some gold. 

If you are auto playing already, you cannot enter the event. If you enter Behead Strike while auto playing, the auto playing will be stopped, and you will be continuing playing normally until you put a tick in auto play, if it is available according to your VIP status.

One more event, when autoplay is available is Cross Fire. No need to be VIP to use an autoplay in this event. But to avoid all the obstacles successfully in this event, you shoud have all the special equipment, which is available to purchase right while playing Cross Fire, or in game shop.
Escape is also gives you a privilege of auto play by paying 5 gold only. Just put a tick there and save your time and effort with auto play.

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