Lucky Spin: “What, How and Why”??? ID: 23825479
Lucky Spin: “What, How and Why”???
Alexa 2017-06-11 20:21

Lucky Spin or Lucky Wheel is an extra resource of plenty of valuable rewards.

By playing this event you can obtain such useful things as: all kinds of crystals, energy chip, star of honor, aptitude pages, grenade
shell, refitment parts, vehicle drawings, dispatch orders and so long. It is one of the events, where you can get almost what you need. To be able to play you should have lucky coins. 

You can purchase lucky coins from game shop in Hot Offers. The price of it is 4 gold.
Besides, you can also use auto spins. In this case it won't be nesessary to press Start button every time after collecting reward. Auto purchase is also available in this game.

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