What to do if you cannot top-up! ID: 23818485
What to do if you cannot top-up!
Alexa 2017-06-11 19:11

When you decide to top-up from the Web site http://enbio.salagame.com/, you can face some difficulties, which can be easily solved, if you follow our instructions. 

Once you click the button "Purchase" in your game window,

you will see new tab: 

Along with your account e-mail, you are supposed to see your game, server and character name. 

In case if it is written "null" instead of your chaacter name, or you don't see anything at all on the place where your character's name should be,you should close "pre payment" window, and continue playing the game a bit longer ( average waiting time is around 15-20 minutes), without changing a character. 

Then click the "Purchase" button again, and in the appeared window you will be able to see your character name. In this case you can continue purchase procedure.

Enjoy your game! 

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