MINESWEEP: “What, How and Why”??? ID: 23814130
MINESWEEP: “What, How and Why”???
Alexa 2017-06-11 18:26

One of the most profitable events is Minesweep. You can play it once a day (3 rounds), and obtain such rewards as: Vehicle drawings, Refitment Part, Zippo Cores, Bound Gold, Silver, Experience, Grenade Shell, Powder and some other rewards.

However you may be killed by mine, so watch your step! 

To get the hugest reward, you should reach VIP6. In this case, you will be able to activate Auto Minesweep. 

Every time an opportunity to use auto Minesweep will cost you 53 gold.

So all the cells will be opened and all the rewards wll be gathered by you! Besides, you will get chance to purchase pass rewards, such as extra Refitment Part, Vehicle drawings and Zippo Core. It will cost 
you some gold though.

The rewards are growing from round to round, but keep in mind that the cost of them is growing too. 

In the first round you can get 50 units of every kind of pass rewards by paying 10 gold for each type. 

In the second one you can gather 100 units of each reward, but you will pay 30 gold for each type accordingly.

And the most profitable, third round will bring you 300 units of every type of pass rewards. But you will have to spend 150 gold to purchase each reward.

After you clear the 3rd round, you will get Ultimate Rewards.

Such chests consist of plenty of useful things for you. 

So we can conclude that Autosweep is really worth to try!

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