Tech: “What, How and Why”??? ID: 23203726
Tech: “What, How and Why”???
Alexa 2017-06-06 22:44

The function “Potential”, along with “Conversion” and “GMO” are the easiest alternatives to increase your battle power.  

In “Potential”, unlike the other functions of “Tech”, you can choose the character, which performance you would like to improve, and also type of inspire.

If you have only silver in your disposition, you will be able to boost only from 1 to 3 attributes of the selected class, using normal inspire.


Senior (advanced) inspire will cost you some gold, but it gives you an opportunity to boost 3 attributes. 

You have to be a holder of VIP3 to unlock it. 

Needed amount of gold for senior inspire increases click by click, starting with 8 gold.

In turn, Ultimate Inspire gives you a splendid opportunity to boost all the attributes of the selected character. 

But only happy owners of VIP 6 can enjoy it. 

Obviously, this type of inspire is the most profitable.

The charge for one boost is 30 gold coins.

You have only 20 chances to inspire. 

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