Ways to get gold. "What, how and why???" ID: 22908019
Ways to get gold. "What, how and why???"
Alexa 2017-06-04 18:53

Having  much enough gold gives you plenty of  privileges in game. There are several ways how to obtain gold. 

 ·        It's not a secret to anybody that the most efficient method of obtaining gold is Top-up. 

Once you top- up, along with your gold and VIP privileges, you will get some extra rewards, such as Daily Top-up and Top-up Rebate: 

Daily Top-up rewards are available for those, who obtain at least 50 gold a day. Such valuable rewards as silver, vehicle drawings, zippo core, power and lucky coins come at your disposal.

Keep in mind, that after top-up of 50x2, 50x3 etc. you cannot claim Daily Top-up reward for 2, 3 or more times. You can get this  reward only once a day, no matter how much gold you bought. As for top-up rebate, on the contrary, your reward depends on the amount of gold you top-up. 

You can observe all the possible rewards in our another guide, named as  “Daily Top-up”.

The more you top-up, the more rewards you get.

If you Top-up and want to use your gold carefully with the maximum benefit, without hesitation you should invest it into “Growth Fund”. The advantage of this method is that you can obtain your gold over and over again. It will be giving you a fixed income. 

You will get your income every day during 30 days after investment. 

Also you will obtain your gold by reaching levels, namely every 5 levels. The amount of gold you will get will be changing from 300 gold to 600 gold and vice versa. 

It is exactly worth to Top-up!

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