Honor: “What, How and Why”??? ID: 22774887
Honor: “What, How and Why”???
Alexa 2017-06-03 19:48

Honor is generally needed for purchasing valuable items in game shop.

The amount of honor points is showed in the left right corner of play area.

Some of the necessary materials, medals, chips, pieces of clothing, which cannot be bought with gold and bound gold, are available for purchase with honor points.

These items are needed to compound items, upgrading vehicle, gun, and equipment and, as a result, increasing battle power for defeating your foes.

Honor can be obtained from participation in Legion Battle, Battlefield, Crossfire, Behead, etc.


Except of participation in battles, you can be awarded honor by top-up.

Along with the other rewards, you can get honor cards, stating with 10k honor, for top up of 1000 gold.  Starting with top up of 1050 gold up to 2000 you get 2 honor cards, 10k honor each.

After purchasing necessary amount of gold, you can claim your honor cards and the other rewards by opening “Top up rebate”.

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