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Cards: “What, How and Why”
Alexa 2017-05-28 20:35

There are 3 types of Cards: Scene, Character and Trophies. Scene Deck opens right after Omaha Beach (25), Character Deck after Kari Village Suburb (56) and Trophies when Schmidt Town Suburb (194) will be cleared.

Start collect the cards and trophies now and boost different attributes of your heroes! 

Alexa 2017-05-28 20:38

Scene Deck

Scene cards boost your HP, Heal Power, Skill Defense, Gun Defense, Skill Attack, Gun Attack attributes. Collect all suits to get your set rewards. Each set doubles previously collected set.

Some cards are possible to get in hero mode, some of them in normal mode. Drag your mouse over a card to see the requirements.

Such tasks as: “Kill mobs in 3, 2 or 4 rounds” mean that it will suffice to kill in 3, 2 or 4 rounds (depends on a task) only the last pack of mobs in the mainline. Don’t struggle to kill all 3 squads or each of them in particular number of rounds. Only the last group of mobs will be taken into consideration.

In order to save your time, click on a card to auto route.

Note: Scene cards can be opened with a hand of Black Joker card.

Black Joker Card has a chance to drop from Ultimate Minesweep Chest or obtained from Launch Boon of VIP 8.

Alexa 2017-05-28 20:42

Character Deck

Character cards are a little bit harder to collect as you need to make multiply runs to some instances in order to get them.

Character cards drop from:

·       Mainline;

·       Summon of duty;

·       Instances: Elite Stages;

·       Instances: Multiplayer Stages;

·       First five (greyed out) islands of Deadly Island;

·       Legion events, such as: Legion bosses and Resources Scramble.

Note: Red Joker Card can double attributes of your desire. You can use it only once for each character.

Red Joker has a chance to drop from Ultimate Minesweep chest or obtained from Top up, such as: Launch Boon of VIP 10 and Daily Top up of 5.000 gold (along with x10 Ultimate Minesweep Chests)

Alexa 2017-06-03 18:50


Yellow Sand Set and Djedefre Set are available from Elite Bosses. First Boss will appear in War Zone of Egypt for those who reached level 121 – 150 and passed Shakala (266) mainline.

Drag your mouse over the boss name to see what trophy he drops. Just like in case of purple shards, it is possible to double reward of trophies by clicking on “bonus” in the success window. 


Cairo Set and Nile Set are available from Multiplayer Battles: East Cairo Battle (128 level), West Cairo Battle (132 level), Upper Nile Battle (138 level), Lower Nile Battle (level 142).

Delta Set and Alisa Set are available in Bermuda War Zone for those who reached level 151 – 175. First Elite Boss welcomes you there at the start of the map.

Bermuda Set and Khufu Set are available from the instances above: Bermuda Jungle (153 level), Bermuda Plain Battle (157 level), Base Perimeter Battle (163 level) and Khufu Base Battle (167 level).

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