OSRS Xeric's Ward Scrolls in Chambers of Xeric ID: 138816065
OSRS Xeric's Ward Scrolls in Chambers of Xeric
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As some rooms are nicer than others, this drives players to scout the room layout and re-randomise the cave repeatedly until they get a "random" outcome that they like. Luckily, in a planned revisit of this cave system, the team has introduced OSRS Xeric's Ward Scrolls, which will save you from such labour. Vote for the upcoming new item and get cheap OSRS gold to prepare for its arrival.

According to the OSRS team, the Xeric's Ward scrolls were imbued by Xeric to repel the various denizens of the Chambers. You can read lots of the scrolls, absorbing all their power into yourself, where it will remain until it's consumed. For instance, one of them keeps Vespula at bay, another works on Vasa Nistirio, another works on the Creature Keeper's monster. The scrolls can be found by a raiding party in the Chambers.

Once you've got a scroll, you'd be able to read it, absorbing the power of the scroll into yourself, so you needn't carry the item around. Next time you're a party leader, with the Chambers generating a route for you, the affected room will be skipped on the next time the Chambers considered giving it to you. This consumes the power of the scroll.

AS we said before, Xeric abandoned the scrolls in the Chambers as he explored the cave system. To get one specific scroll, you and your fellow players must firstly survive a raid that contains the specific monster. The scrolls will be given in addition to the current loot, fostering no effects on receiving other items. Additionally, it is tradable and can be alched for 6,000 coins if you no longer want it.

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